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Artist Of The Month

John Rainey


John has been playing guitar for well over 40 years. over the years he has played with both national,semi-national,reginal and local bands.he has played on many artist albums as well as recorded and released his own album.he plays guitar as well as bass, drums and has a strong vocal ability.he is also a song writer and aranger. he is endorsed by: Gibson & Schecter Guitars,EMG Pickups, Ernie ball,Graphtech, Mesa Amplification, Gator cases and Classic road cases. 
My playing style is a cross between: Gary Moore/George Lynch.

“The John Rainey Project” is the kind of band that you want to go see again and again! The band has extreme showmanship and plays non stop 1 hour sets. With a huge light show and sound system, the idea of this band was to give you the feeling of going to a full Blown concert. With powerful over the top vocals and harmonies, smoldering guitar solo's, in your face bass playing and coliseum drums.” The John Rainey Project” is a Band like no other around the area! 

Official Website


Nightmare by John Rainey