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Jacqui Blue
Jacqui Blue, the name chosen after watching the French film Betty Blue In 1988, all about a psychotic
girl and her emotional love life.

I have been what you may call a sleeper who decided that enough was enough back in 1990,asking the band for a break for at least a month after a gruelling Schedule on the road and Personal life problems, in fact this break became a twenty odd year one without realising it, during the year of 2012 I became aware of the distance I had put between me and the music scene after being prompted to return after the long absence, I was Re-united with A guy called Les Payne who I had been recorded and produced by back in the early eighties after an invite to his studio premises, we sat and talked about old times,we then discussed if I had written any songs in my absence, I replied that I had, it was a track called Lorraine Lorraine,written about an experience I'd had with with a girl I knew, I was asked if I wanted to record it and agreed, by the time I returned to the studio I had written another called Touch Me Now, so we laid the latter track down first, it sounded great so then it was decided to write an album based on my deep sleep and past experiences of the fight inside my mind over the last twenty years and maybe more, the title of the album was born out of the fourth Track Breathe Paradise,all about that one place deep in the dreams of the mind that seem to follow your true life's path,and I can say all the tracks refer to a period in my life's mind and are true references, I played for a number of bands during my career,one being a punk band back in the late seventies known as the Xtraverts.

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