Welcome to the home of unsigned Bands and Artists. The lava Lounge is a world wide video/music channel giving all unsigned artists the opportunity to be seen and heard. We currently have artist from all Genre around the world appearing on the Lava Lounge. We would love to see an artist who has been shown on the Lounge signed and have their career take off (When you win an award don't forget to mention us lol). The Lava Lounge has Radio and Record Labels watching from time to time so what are you waiting for? Agents, Management and Business in the industry are welcome to have an advert shown on the lounge as well, just contact us. Other services the Lava Lounge can provide your act include Website set up and monitoring, monitor and update all your social network sites, Promote your next major gig with global exposure, Info and tips to improve the visibility of your act, we are a one stop artist shop just contact us. Send all your new videos and gig details to admin@jadeslavalounge.com and we will add you to the family.
Unsigned Artist across the globe are encouraged to be apart of the Lava Lounge. Get your videos in to us.
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We ARE the voice of the unsigned artist.

Jades Lava Lounge seems to be coping a bit of backlash at the announcement that we have to now charge a fee for artists to be featured on Jades Lava Lounge and lavaloungemixfm.com I would like to put some peoples mind at ease. Since 2010 Steve Porter has been totally self funding this project and has spent well over $20000 on Merchandise, Web Sites, Software, Internet time as well as his own time and registrations. When an Unsigned artist comes on board to Jades Lava Lounge we do our best to put forward all our artists to Record and Talent agencies who often write to us for more talent as well as lavaloungemixfm who play featured artists via internet world wide. We keep in close contact with other music groups who offer song competitions etc and then forward this on to an unsigned artist to give them a chance. All we have asked for is $100 up front for 12 months that's $1.93 per week for us to do this and help further a career then $50 annually after that. We understand some artists are fully self funded and may not be able to afford this but please just email us and we will arrange something. We have artists on Jades Lava Lounge who don't have the decency to let us know when they split up. So please we want Jades Lava lounge to always be The World stage for Unsigned artists so in no way has this turned into a big money grabbing company. For those who are still on Jades Lava Lounge we will be doing more and more this year if finances allow but rest assured if you pay to be on Jades Lava Lounge then you will be treated with the highest priority as we would rather have 50 paying artists on there who want to further their career then 150 who want to be seen but don't want to be pro active. Thank you all for your time and we look forward to bringing you more great music from Jades Lava lounge.

Well Folks the Jades Lava Lounge 2014 Calendar is now available. Cost is $20 delivered to your door. Email me for your copy admin@jadeslavalounge.com

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Artist Of The Month

Of The Sun & The Moon

Metal rock musical project born in early 2010. The band resides in Vigevano PV - Italy. 
The founder and leader of the band is JOHN LORENA, guitarist and songwriter, who has 
called to his side the fierce and charismatic vocalist LORY De Lorean. 
Currently, the duo is looking for motivated musicians: drummer, keyboardist, 
possible second guitar and bassist to complete the line-up. 
The duo is writing the music and lyrics of the songs that will make up their debut EP. 
The title will be 'Of the Sun and the Moon', will contain at least 4 songs, some previously unpublished and 
some covers of songs rock metal but not necessarily, however, revised 
in the style of training.

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