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Artist Of The Month

Greek Island of Lesvos

Ejk or Elleni Jean Kempson, Music is my life! 
I am a musician, singer songwriter and recording artist living on the Greek Island of Lesvos. 
I am 16 years old.  In the last year I have shot to fame locally and across Greece. 
My first album "15 Years" is now available. All of the songs are written by me, the lyrics come mostly from my life experiences and observations, sometimes political. The music is mostly rock and rock ballads and includes a Greek love song. I chose to record it at Lands End studio with Robbie Ballhause in Hannover Germany. Together with some great musicians who worked under great pressure and showed amazing skill (and patience!)  I wanted to keep the "real" sound of my music so I insisted upon it being a mostly live recording. Everyone agreed this was a great idea but did put all involved under a bit more pressure and added to the work load. The other amazing thing about the recording was none of us had ever played together before, the drummer hadn't even heard most of the songs, Robbie hadn't heard any of them! They all showed how amazingly talented they were and i think because of this we found a really fresh and unique sound.

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